5th Wheel  Trip, Eastern America, Part 34 A, We Are Back!!

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Date:  August 31, 2011

Title:   The Queen Mary Sails Again…Eastern America

Itinerary: To see: New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma,  (maybe not in that order)

Projected Mileage: unknown at this time, but a lot, lot!


What Were We Thinking:

Tomorrows Goals: Warren…done for the summer

Today:   We are going to head out Saturday, Sept 3 and head to Auburn, IN for the Auburn, Cord, and Deisenberg festival. They have a “Drive In” that is scheduled to have over 500 cars….Patti is having a hard time containing her excitement!

Observations: We are off again, to finish the trip back to AZ. Some updates: Casey went to Doggie Heaven; I came back to Ohio for 1 week for my parent’s 65th wedding anniversary (Dad 94, Mom 91). The weather in Ohio this time of year is nice (see I can be nice to Ohio)


First Half Mileage on Truck: Start: 43,379

Miles Traveled So Far:  4,998.4 First Half of trip Second Half

Fuel Used: 398.8 gallons so far

MPG 12.5

Cost Per Gallon: $4.17, Most we paid yet!!!  Last year we paid about $2.99 average. L L L

Part 2:


Second Half  Mileage on Truck: Start:

Fuel Used Second Half:


Cost Per Gallon: