Month: January 2018

Joe’s Trail (trip #3), Hiking Trip     #43

Joe’s Trail (trip #3), Hiking Trip #43

Date: January 6, 2018

Goal: Hike Joe’s trail to Coronado Peak (Third Trip up There)

Weather: Another beautiful day, I thought it might be windier on the ridges but the wind was just a nice cooling breeze. Are you wondering why we always have nice weather, we don’t hike in storms!!

Trail: Joe’s Trail (he is the guy who died of a snake bite)

Hiking Partner: Dana Binford

Distance: 7.1 Miles (From Huachuca Mountain Map)

Start Elevation: 5,219 Ft (Measured from Previous Trips)

End Elevation 6,902 Ft (Measured from Previous Trips)

Elevation Change: 1,683 Ft. (Measured from Previous Trips)

Accumulated Gain: 1,683 (Measured from Previous Trips)

Do It Again: Yep, third trip but it is one of my favorites: beautiful view of Southern Arizona and Mexico so I am sure I will do it again, sometime……

Comments: For more in-depth info on this trail go to my trips #18 and #20.

We had a very nice hike. The last part of the trail (hardest part) that leads to the top had a sign stating “Stay on trails”, and this seemed overgrown so we went the easier but longer way to the top. Views are as spectacular as always! Met a fair number of hikers today as it is a Saturday and the beginning of a New Year, lots of New Year Resolutions?? For those of you that read these you know I always like a “Carrot” at the end of a hike. Our “Carrot” today was Mimosa Pizzeria where we shared a VERY good Pizza and I had a very good glass of sangria!! Thanks, Dana, for lunch, a very nice end to a very nice hike!!

Dana on way up

Me on way up

Panorama from top of Coronado Peak

Panorama from top of Coronado Peak

Bob Thompson Peak in Background




Boy Scout to Gate #2, Hiking Trip #42


Boy Scout to Gate #2, Hiking Trip #42

Date: January 1, 2018

Goal: Go for a nice hike on New Year’s Day

Weather: FANTASTIC, Clear, slight breeze, GREAT day for a hike

Trail: Sawmill Trail to Crest Trail to Gate #2

Hiking Partner: Dana Binford

Distance: Total 7 miles

Start Elevation:

End Elevation

Elevation Change: 1,850 ft. (information form Huachuca Hiking Club Web site)

Accumulated Gain: LOTS!!!

Do It Again: Yep! Super Hike, but next time come back through or start through Scheelite Trial. Scheelite Trail was burned in the 2011 fire then washed out in the following year’s monsoon/flood, so it is hard to find/follow, and as the H.H.C. clubs says “A real butt kicker even for those with no butts!!”

Comments: To do this hike you have to enter Ft Huachuca, which requires a pass. After making it through the security check point we proceeded to have a tour of the Fort as they have changed some of the roads and neither of us was sure of how to get to Garden Canyon Rd., the road that would take us up to where our hike would begin. Once we found the road it was a really beautiful drive up to the abandoned Boy Scott picnic area. On the way up to the parking area we past 4 Coatimundi (a small raccoon like animal with long tail and black rings). I have never seen them in the wild so seeing 4 at one time was a real treat. Once we parked we headed over the locked gate which is there to stop vehicles from using the trial. The first part of the trail is an old washed out roadbed which lasts for about a mile (??), then up a steep wash covered by large rocks to large boulders. Dana was “on a mission” so I had to keep up, I mumbled something about this being only my second hike in a long while and Dana mumbled something about me getting a treadmill….. Anyway we made it to Crest Trail then “only” had 1 1/2 miles to go. I looked up and saw the peak WAY above us and asked the question “are we going there” Dana’s only comment was the devilish look in her eye and a “will see”! Yep up we went. From the time we left the parking area to the peak where gate #2 there is an elevation gain of 1,850 ft over, about 3 ½ miles, so pretty steep. Once at the top we stopped for a snack then headed back down which was WAY faster than going up!

The day could not have been nicer; at times a little cool other times warm, just a super day for a hike and this is only January 1st!!! As I said earlier I would do this again but include Scheelite Trail which intersects Crest Trail at gate #2.

Still have 1 1/2 miles to go “Almost straight up!” Well not quite…


Dana and yes that is SNOW!!

Me being held up by sign!

Dana Holding tree up!! She is in better shape than I am!!!