Hiking Trip #23

Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2015

 Goal: Murray Springs, Clovis Site Loop Trail and Clanton Homestead

Weather: Started out 8:25 AM Temperature was 52 degrees, dark clouds hung to the east but broke up to light wispy clouds latter in the day. High was 68. Ended hike at 12:00 (high noon), wind starting to pick up. GREAT weather to hike.

Trail: Murray Springs and the Clovis site are one short loop (1/2 mile). Trail to Clanton Homestead about 2.3 miles long and is an old rail bed until the last ½ mile which is just a path. Then we went down to the San Pedro River more on that later.

Hiking Partner: Scott Weiss

Distance: total 7.12 miles (finally got the GPS to work, hope I can keep it working, operator errors!)

Start Elevation: 4150 FT went down to 4000 ft then back up.

End Elevation: N/A

Elevation Change: N/A

Accumulated Gain: 226 ft

Do It Again: Yes on a cool day, fairly flat trail with interesting history.

Comments: Again I learned more about the area’s history; never knew there was a Clovis hunting site so close to home. The Clovis Hunters were prehistoric Palo-Indian hunters who used “Clovis” Stone tools (Named after Clovis, New Mexico the place where these tools were first identified). In 1966 Archeologist found where Clovis hunters killed a Great Woolly Mammoth using Clovis spears. They named the Mammoth Big Eloise. This site is 13,000 years old and is a rare high elevation Clovis hunting site as most sites are found at lower elevations. There is not much to see today as the site has overgrown since the discovery. We did see a huge pile of rocks from the dig site (see picture). A very neat area and only about 15 minutes from home! For more on this site go to: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/04/100412100017.htm

On the way to the Clanton Homestead we pasted a pipeline feeding water from the Huachuca Mountains to the town of Tombstone. Tombstone has its own well but it does not produce enough water for the town so it is piped from Tombstone. Picture

Murray Springs: You cannot actually see a spring as we think of it, the spring starts out as damp ground then further down the depression there is mud, further along a slight bit of water then finally even further down actual running water (see pictures) Clanton Homestead: This is the home where Ike Clanton grew up (yes THE Ike Clanton that was present at the OK corral shoot out in Tombstone). He was the one that ran during the gun fight and survived but was killed 6 years later – accused of cattle rustling. For more info on the go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ike_Clanton Scott and I argued over which was older him, me or the wall. I still think Scott won oldest! See our pictures below The hike down to the San Pedro took a little detour; once done viewing the Clanton Homestead we headed back to the rail bed, and then decided we should go to the river SOOOOO back down past the Clanton place to the river; this only added a mile to the hike! As we approached the river we saw debris left over from the last time the river flooded (picture) this is about 200 yards (600 ft from the river!). Once at the river it is about 10 feet down to the water, when this sucker floods it REALLY floods!

IMG_0433IMG_0431  IMG_0432 IMG_0434IMG_0435IMG_0436   IMG_0443 IMG_0442 IMG_0440 IMG_0439 IMG_0438 IMG_0437  IMG_0446IMG_0445IMG_0444