Date:  Thursday, March 17, 2011

Title:   I need a name…please help?????

Itinerary: To see: New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma,  (maybe not in that order)

Projected Mileage: unknown at this time, but a lot!

Campground/Location:  Lady Bird Johnson Muni Park The park is really a “Muni” park. The park has Golfing, Fishing, Hiking and even 166 RV sites, very neat, right outside of Fredericksburg too.

What Were We Thinking: Keep waiting; there will be issues…..honest

Tomorrows Goals: Austin: State Capitol, & LBJ Library Museum.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!!!!!!!!  Go Irish!!!!!!!!!!!!

Observations: Since Ozona is just barely on the Western edge of the second time zone from Sierra Vista it was PITCH BLACK. I had to packed up the Queen Mary by Braille, a very interesting concept and no fun either! By the time we pulled out at 7:45 AM you could see your hand! And just to make us feel at home the wind was blowing when we arrived yesterday and picked up to 15-25 miles per hour today…just like home, AZ!! As we drove to Fredericksburg, Patti commented that all this land needs is water and people, and then it would be “OK”! Our first sight of a “real” river was just east of a town called Junction. The river was only 10-15 feet wide BUT it had water in it, yes real flowing water! All AZ rivers are really dry washes most of the year

Fredericksburg: the weather turned out to be 86, sunny and a GREAT day!! As we approached the town almost all of the streets/roads had German names…the excitement builds! The town was way bigger than I thought it would be but the motif was mostly restored stone buildings, very nice but NOT really German (Patti says I (Gary) think Bavarian is German, duh that was what I was excepting). We really enjoyed walking around all the shops and eating at a very neat German restaurant call Auslander, super food, great atmosphere ! This is Texas spring break so there were a lot of people for a Thursday, which actually made the day more enjoyable. The town is well worth the time you spend here.

 LBJ Ranch & Texas White House We are really glad we did this, it gives you a lot of background on LBJ and his home. The house is not very upscale by today’s standards, large but nowhere the size you would think. LBJ was a phone “junkie”! He had over 70 phones in the house alone! There was even a phone attached under the dinner table near his chair….I bet NO ONE told him to get off the phone at the dinner table! The area where the Secret Service worked is still there, and painted “Army Green”, neat to see. The plane he used as Vice President was there as well. The Ranch grew from 246 acres when he took over, to 2800 acres, I thought it would have been bigger…this is Texas after all! He donated 600 acres right in the middle to the American people. This area contained the “Texas White House” the area the Secret Service used it  as well as the runway he used to fly in and out of the Ranch. His grandson Rod manages the remainder of the Ranch and is the only private citizen allowed to use the runway as it is still a “No Fly Zone” (No idea why).

Mileage on Truck: Start: 43,379

Miles Traveled So Far:  871.5…and we are not even half way across Texas!!!!!

Fuel Used: 77.8 gallons so far

MPG 11.2 L so far.

Cost Per Gallon: $3.79 L  Last year we paid about $2.99 average….OUCH!