Hiking Trip #3

Trail: Pomona Trail Mine Trail #116

Date: May 1, 2014

Partner:  Scott Weiss & Tess (Normal Size dog)

Distance: About 6 miles (info on web site not correct)

Start Elevation: 5,564 ft

End Elevation 7,261

Elevation Change: 1,691 ft

Accumulated Gain: 1,759 ft

Do It Again: Maybe someday, a “been there done that trail!”

Comments: Lost trail but went “cross country” and found it again (this will be a recurring theme on our hikes). Beautiful scenery, rugged at points, not a trail for beginners but well worth the time and effort. Along the way we saw an old truck frame, and some equipment at and/or near mine site. Passed tower and cable for mining operation, neat! “Mine” more like small cave (about 30 ft deep), lots of tailings from where they must have removed part of mountain. Climbed to top of ridge and found REALLY pretty meadow AND a helicopter landing pad used for fire fighting. VERY COOL!!

Gary Business call on mountain Gary By Mine View